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 Abo-Mady company one of the most successful inland-haulage companies in Egypt.
We deserved our ranking in the Egyptian market as our fleet can cover all the port and all the industrial areas with high efficiency .

Now , we are kindly informing you about our new field of service Abo-Mady Co. has constructed an authorized Custom Ware-house for empty containers & reefers .

Our project is located at the downtown mar'gham area at kilo 25 alex-cairo desert road and it  measures 15,000 meter square .

We hereby offer a 24 hr working time 7 days a week , availability for loading , off-loading and transportations towards any destination inside Arab Republic of Egypt.

Besides, the capacity we own can cover up to 5,000 TEU and modern cranes are used also to speed up loading and off-loading operations during the whole working time , Also maintaining for reefers.

Why Abo Mady ?

- Great experience dealing with Containers.
- Highly qualified stuff.
- Highly qualified Management.
- maintaining Reefers with the most modern methods known through world wide.
- Highest technology enables you to control every thing through your office.
- We make your containers & reefers reachable for you than your private car.
- Professional in handling Iso-tanks.
- Appreciate time.


We hope our offer meets your approval.

Always remaining at your entire disposal.

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